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Bike House 
International Bike Museum

In recent years, cycling has become a strong theme for Valais and its many existing players. The idea of a bike museum is not new. However, the constellation has never been so favorable to conceptualize an ambitious infrastructure capable of shining the Valais' cycling positioning beyond its borders thanks to Marc-André Elsig's exceptional collection and incredible works by Didi Senft, the famous El Diablo. To make this museum viable, R&D Cycling, the project leader, has developed a global Bike House concept, bringing together exhibition areas, didactic workshops for children, a bike bistro and a showrooom workshop, a performance center and a coworking area for the Valais cycling players.

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Tour des Stations

The Tour des Stations is the road cycling Everest with its routes of 242km and 8848m of height difference. The race is considered as the world toughest one day cycling race. It crosses the majority of resorts in central Valais and brings together thousands of participants from more than 30 countries. It is organised the 2nd weekend of August. This event organised by R&D Cycling is both a vector of economic impact thanks to the participants and their entourage generating nights, meals and purchases in the shops, as well as a promotional tool to discover the enormous possibilities that offers the region throughout the 4 seasons. In 2020, it generated more than 3 million economic impact for the region.

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